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Foreign students and Turkish citizens who have studied at a high school abroad can be eligible to be a student at Akdeniz University provided that they achieve a pass grade in the Akdeniz University International Students Admission
Examination, or if they have an acceptable grade from one of the examinations which are listed in the appendix of the Akdeniz University International Students Admission Rules.

Students can apply to the Student Affairs Directorate between the published dates either in person or by mail, and the required documents must be submitted within the specified dates.

No registration can be completed if any documents are missing or incorrect in any way.


All applications will be accepted and evaluated on condition that the applicant has either completed or is in the final year of their secondary education, and fulfils the following conditions;

  • Is a Foreign Student,
  • Is a Turkish citizen by birth who was granted permission by the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs to give up their Turkish citizenship, or is a child of such a person who is below the age of 18, and who is registered on his or her parent’s renunciation of citizenship document, providing they have in their possession documentary evidence of their rights under the terms of Law No. 5901,
  • Is a Foreign Student who has been granted Turkish citizenship,
  • Is a Turkish citizen who has completed his or her secondary education in a foreign country with the exception of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) (this includes Turkish Schools in all foreign countries except the TRNC),
  • Is a TRNC citizen living in the TRNC who has completed his or her secondary education in the TRNC and has successfully completed the GCE AL examination, or has successfully completed the GCE AL examination while registered and receiving education in a college or high school in another country between 2005 and 2010.


Candidates who want to apply to Akdeniz University while in a foreign country should read the announcements on the webpage of the Student Affairs Directorate. Application deadlines and conditions will be announced on the Akdeniz University website by the Student Affairs Directorate. Candidates can apply between the dates specified in the academic calendar using the form that they can find on the website of the Student Affairs Directorate.


  • The Application form, which will be available on the Student Affairs Directorate webpage between the dates when applications can be submitted,
  • Certified copies of the following documents from the Turkish Embassy or the Turkish Consulate;

- High School Diploma and Equivalency Certificate,

- Original and copy (translated into Turkish) of the Certificate of Transcript,

- Examination results

  • Notarized copies of passports and translations,
  • A bank receipt proving that the application fee has been paid,
  • 3 photographs taken during the last six months. The photographs should be passport photo size,
  • Envelope on which candidate’s recipient address is written and postage stamp affixed.
  • A document which proves student has sufficient funds to cover the costs of studying abroad. (A sample document will be published on the webpage of the Student Affairs Directorate between the dates when applications can be made.)


Applications from candidates who submit examination results and grades which are below the required level, or do not fulfil the published requirements in any way, will not be considered.

Applications will be evaluated by the Foreign Nationals - International Student Admission Commission, which will meet under the chairmanship of the Dean of the relevant Faculty and will include at least one lecturer from the relevant academic department.

Lists of principal and alternate student will be announced by the Rectorship on the date specified in the academic calendar.


Application results will be announced on the Akdeniz University website (www.akdeniz.edu.tr).

Students who have been successful in their applications will be sent a letter of acceptance from the relevant unit. This acceptance letter can be used to obtain their education visa.

The registration procedure will be carried out by the department in which the candidate will enrol, at a time which will be announced on the Akdeniz University website.


Candidates who are eligible to study can register by presenting the following documents, on the dates specified in the Akdeniz University Academic Calendar,

  • Notarized copy of Tuition Visa
  • Copy of the residence certificate, the original of which must be submitted to the local police department
  • 6 passport size photographs taken in the last six months (4,5x6 cm)
  • Health insurance certificate: in accordance with Article 60 of Law No. 5510, private health insurance is obligatory.

No further request for documents will be made to candidates who have completed the final registration process.

Candidates who submit altered or forged document, or practice any form of dishonesty in their application or entrance exams, will have their registration process cancelled and any appropriate legal action will be taken.


Candidates who have been accepted for enrolment at Akdeniz university, with the exception of those who have completed their secondary education in Turkey, are required to take the Turkish Proficiency Exam, which is prepared by the Akdeniz University Turkish Language Department. The results of the Turkish Proficiency Exam will be graded as Pass or Fail. Successful applicants may commence their courses. Those who are unsuccessful in the Turkish Proficiency Exam, after registration, will be given a one year deferment in order to improve their Turkish. Those who are successful in the examination administered by Akdeniz University at the beginning of the next academic year will be allowed to start their education. Those who are unsuccessful will have their applications rejected.


The level of tuition fees is determined by the University Board of Directors on condition that it does not exceed the upper limit of the current service cost which is determined by the Council of Ministers, and published on our website.



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